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What is Fragrance, Scent or Aroma marketing?
This is the introduction of a fragrance into an area where people could be influenced by a fragrance. This is widely used by hotels, supermarkets, car show rooms, perfumeries, high-end shops and department stores, casino’s, offices, gyms and sports clubs, theme parks, museums and many other businesses and places. There are a variety of differences gained by scenting an area, providing the fragrance type and intensity is right for the area, these are usually positive and can, for example, increase purchases by customers, a longer dwell times, increased job satisfaction, better drive and ambiance, a sense of cleanliness, a better overall experience is usually garnered with the business and this primal feeling usually stays with the person for longer. There are many different benefits of adding a fragrance to an area, overall, you would like your guests and customers to feel comfortable, welcome and stay for longer, this is usually achieved by simply adding a fragrance.